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Manifesti 70x100

from €1,63

Template and instructions

  • Upload a file PDF format
  • Use CMYK color method
  • Native resolution included between 80 and 150 dpi (for 1: 1 scale files)
  • Convert any fonts into vector tracks or rasterize the file
  • Deactivate any overprint options
  • Check out all the details on how to prepare a print file Instructions

Product features

  • Anti-lapel blueback card 115 gr / sqm
  • Print with water base inks
  • Maximum coil width: 150 cm
  • Pannellizzazioni with 2 cm overlap
  • High resolution: up to 720x1800 dpi
  • Ideal for the Communication along roads to great scroll (posters)
  • Ideal for promotions in closed places such as cinema, bar, hotel, etc. (Poster)